What Are Words For?

I’ve been trying to write this blog for weeks now.   It’s not that my thoughts aren’t clear, or that I don’t have enough material or that I don’t have enough time.   It’s simply that every time I start to write it, I get more examples of people proving the point I’m going to try to make here, so I continue to compile an ever-expanding portfolio of jerks, racists and other reprehensible individuals.    (I would say deplorable, but why be redundant).

We were told by our new president, that he doesn’t have time to be PC.   That’s why he uses the words and phrases he does, even though quite a few people think he crosses the line.   By the way, calling someone fat, boring, stupid, a slob or a loser are NOT examples of being politically INcorrect…they’re simply examples of being a jerk.     Regardless, lots of people around the country have apparently decided to follow the lead of our new leader and throw away any semblance of civility and just say what’s on their mind.     As I said earlier, the examples are WAY to numerous to put here, but let’s look at a few:

A restaurant owner in Pennsylvania kicked out a table of black men, telling them, “Trump’s presient now so I can say what I want.   You Ni****s need to get out.”

A Hispanic waitress in Virginia Beach gets stiffed on a check, and instead of a tip the person writes in “Build that wall Trump Daddy”

A Dairy Queen owner in Illinois called a mom (in front of her young kids) the N-word and told her to go back where she came from.   Later he proudly admitted he did so….but days later, his franchise was taken away.   Not so proud now, are you?

A customer at a restaurant in San Antonio left a glowing review of the food and service but said he won’t be coming back though “because the owner is Mexican.   America First”

And I honestly can’t believe how many examples I’ve compiled in the past 2 months of people using monkey, ape and gorilla analogies to describe either the former president or former first lady.    I’m literally astounded by the sheer volume of racism and hatred.      The funny thing is, almost every man or woman who is caught posting something racist on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere has almost the exact thing to say: “I’m not a racist”.   They usually say it was simply a joke and that’s not the way you truly feel.   Some of my best friends are black!    You know what.   You ARE racist.    When you say “it will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House.  I’m tired of seeing an Ape in heels” you better be ready for the backlash.   The good part of this story, though, is that almost 100% of the public officials, first responders, teachers, etc, who posted racist BS have all lost their jobs.     I don’t feel sorry for you, one bit.     And don’t cry about the 1st amendment.   Remember, that ensures that the GOVERNMENT will not punish you for what you say….it doesn’t protect you from your employers who don’t want racist idiots working for them.

Also, going back to the FB post from the last paragraph…..I don’t remember seeing Michelle Obama’s cootchie or boobies….but I have seen Melania’s.    I guess that makes her more ‘classy and dignified’?     Well, I wish I would have known that definition earlier…I would have been able to bring a whole different kind of girl back to meet mom.    “Yes mom…she’s classy as hell….check out these Polaroids!”     Plus we know Michelle didn’t have to lie about graduating from college like someone else…….

Has being Politically Correct gone over-board.   Even I agree it has.    Poeple are way to sensitive about way too much.   But there is such a thing as common decency.    I can’t blame all the recent overt racism on the new President, I just blame it on old racists.    Unfortunately though, they all feel enboldened enough to let their feelings out….rather than keep them hidden underneath their sheets and pointy hoods the way they used to.

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