This Time, Women Took the Bait…

Women were baited with the thought of speaking up to bought, establishment DC and local politicians… and then the Women’s March was switched to a liberal bitch-fest against Trump.  WHY?  Because liberal celebrities, media pundits and politicians with fading stars are soooooo angry that they had no impact on voters.  They got Obama elected, but they couldn’t get Hillary elected.


They lost.  They lost BIGLY… and they can’t believe it.

They’re like Rhonda Rousey… coming back for more … only to get knocked out again by Trumpzilla.  Ashley Judd, Cher, Madonna, Senator ElizaScreamer Warren…. insulted my intelligence with their twisted lies they constantly perpetuate about Trump…and it’s even more offensive that it came from other women.

How dare they!  It isn’t the first time I’ve been told by a liberal that you have to be a moron if you’re a woman and a republican. Yeah, a  former FEMALE Horry County Democratic Chairman told me that LIVE ON THE AIR during an interview about a stump.   I’ve also been told by a Christian Democrat that the government can’t tell me not to kill my unborn baby.  Whatever.  They’ll never get it, so why bother?  As long as they don’t win many elections, we’ll be OK.

That so-called “Women’s March” turned out to be more about irrelevant people trying to become relevant once again. That was the biggest temper tantrum/hissy fit in history. It’s shameful to use women’s issues in that manner.  Will the Pro-Life march get a much media coverage this weekend?  Highly doubtful.

The media creates talking points for those who are frustrated with their situation so they can carry on the work of liberals in the streets.  Once again, Liberals using the plight of others to further their agenda to have more government in our lives so they can control people and votes.   THIS TIME, WOMEN WERE USED.

OH… The new talking point of the week is that Trump is using the “MEDIA as a FOIL” so he has something to “blame” when he fails.  HAHAHAHA!  Last week it was that Trump supporters were “CONFLATING” BUZZFEED’s and CNN’s Fake News Stories.  It would be laughable if it were not true… but it is.  Flip around the stations… You’ll hear “impartial anchors” all using the same talking points… trying to guide the rhetoric for those who are suffering from big government, poor trade deals, overbearing regulations, poverty and wasteful spending to repeat.

I saw a reporter interviewing a guy trying to explain the actions of the violent protesters destroying property during the inauguration ceremony… The reporter filled in the blanks when the guy had nothing to say!

“What are you doing here? Protesting.

Protesting against Trump? Yeah.

Why is the violence happening? Because of these fascists.

Who, the police officers?  Yeah.”

Brilliant interview.

AGH!! Don’t get me started.

For this special Sunday edition of #StreetJustice we decided to bring you to the Women’s March in D.C. that took place yesterday. Take a look at what I found!

Posted by Judge Jeanine Pirro on Sunday, January 22, 2017


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