The Final Countdown…..

As inauguration day is getting closer, my agita is getting worse.    President Trump is almost a reality.     January 21st will officially be his first day in office after the inauguration on the 20th.    During the campaign, it’s common fare to tell the troops what you hope to accomplish in your first 100 days…but if you want to be extra bold, you’ll tell them what you’ll do on your first day in office.     Donald Trump has given us plenty of those promises.

Back in 2009, as Barack Obama was getting ready to take office, Republican pied-piper Rush Limbaugh famously said the following 4 words about the new president: I hope he fails.    Some in the GOP, even though they weren’t happy with Obama, questioned how any American could hope that the president fails…which in turn would mean the country would fail for the next 4 years (or in this case, 8 years).    But Limbaugh, the GOP, Congress and the rank and file did what they could to make sure that Obama’s agenda didn’t get off the ground and tried at every turn to make sure hhe failed.   So despite the question of how any American could hope a president fails….most Republicans were in Limbaugh’s corner.

Today, as we’re staring down the barrel of a Trump regime, the GOP is admonishing Democrats who aren’t getting behind the new president.   Those who question his legitimacy.    Those who openly hope he fails.     Where would the Democrats get such horrible ideas?     uh…from watching the GOP for the last 8 years maybe?     The open racism, the birthers, the obstuctionism…yeah, pretty much a slam dunk.     So, I don’t want to hear one peep from a Republican when a Dem hopes Trump fails.

Me?    I hope he succeeds.     In all honestly, if it’s good for Dave, I’m all for it, regardless of who impliments the policies.     Yep, I’m that selfish.     I hope he follows through on all his promises because broken promises are just like lies.

He promised that the first thing he’d do is sue the 12 women who accused him of sexual assault.     I’m waiting for the papers to be filed.

He promised to build a wall between us and Mexico like the Communists did in Berlin…and make the Mexicans pay for it.      That’s the image I think we need to project to the world.

He promised to  name a special prosecutor to go after Hillary.      Go for it.

He promised to deport 11 million people to Mexico.    I can’t wait for the nightly video of men, hysterical women and crying children being rounded up, stuck on busses at gunpoint and taken….in handcuffs and leg-irons, please….across the border to be dropped off in the middle of the desert.

He promised to ‘ban all Muslims from entering the country until we can figure out what the hell is going on”.    Why stop at Muslims…the world is full of plenty of other religions, pick a couple more.

He promised to repeal Obamacare and ‘replace it with something terrific’.    Something terrific?   Why didn’t we think of doing that in the first place?     Taking healthcare away from 25 million people?    great PR…plus you might not have to wait until the 21st, since Congress is already chomping at the bit to pull the plug ASAP.

He promised to be the most transparent president of all time.    Yet here we are, January 4th (at this writing) and we haven’t had a press conference yet.     If he’s looking for an all-time record, he’s set one….for the longest an incoming president has gone without a press conference.      He has scheduled a presser for January 11th.   I actually can’t wait.   The last press conference I saw with Obama, I was incredibly impressed with how he was able to intelligently answer every question, no matter what subject it was on, and sound like an authority (although I’ve gone on record on how I don’t think Obama is all-that in speeches).    Then I thought about how Trump would have answered the same questions.   I cringed because I know that he can’t do it.     My real opinion about the lack of press conferences?   He’s afraid of looking bad.     He knows nothing about most of the presidential subjects he’s expected to be an expert on, so he’s going to use the same tricks he normally does: use flowerly language, use general terms without specifics, use lots and lots of superlatives, and did I mention no specifics?

For the good of the country, I hope Trump succeeds.   But deep inside, I agree with Rush Limbaugh….I hope he fails.

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