So much for the experiment

For years, many Americans have said that the United States is basically a giant corporation.   It’s goal is to be as successful as possible, make as much money as possible and be stronger than our competitors and counterparts.   At the same time, you want the employees (taxpayers) to be as satisfied as possible with being a part of this giant corporation and to live happy, productive lives making the corporation strong.   So for years, many Americans have said that the best person to run the country would be someone from the business world.   Someone who knows how to manage people and maximize profits.   Someone who can look at the country like a corporation and eschew politics along the way.   Hire someone from the business sector, not a politician.    Ok, so we did.    I guess that experiment didn’t work out.

I have to admit, I was one of those people who thought someone who ran the US like a business might be able to succeed, but after the last, what, 20-30 years (it seems like) under Trump, it’s painfully obvious either I was wrong, or we got the wrong businessman.    You can see flashes of Trump’s so-called deal-making prowess from time to time start to come to the surface, but the tactics he used in business don’t work in the world of politics.      You can’t threaten to sue everybody.   You can’t make deals behind closed doors because someone will leak it.   You can’t try to circumvent the government because you ARE the government.     You can’t threaten to fire Congress if they don’t go along with what you say.

Here are some things a good businessman/President would do:

Hire competent and experienced aides and Cabinet.

Listen to the advice of those you hire.

Use your business acumen to make great deals for the country.

Use your negotiating skills to get Congress to work together and pass your agenda.

Present a dignified, business-like persona to the American people…one that will make Americans proud.

So….then we’re 0-for-5?

Again, I have to admit that I’m not necessarily for term limits, but I do think that too many politicians spend too much time making sure they get re-elected and too little time actually fighting for their constituents.     But you have to realize that a neophyte can’t go to DC and expect to ‘drain the swamp’ and get things done without knowing how politics works.   Both Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have noted on separate occasions that the reason Trump hasn’t been able to do this or that, is because he still doesn’t understand the way DC works and that it’s a steep learning curve….one the President hasn’t mastered yet.     If past behavior is an indicator of future action, then I don’t think he’s going to have a light-bulb moment anytime soon.     He hasn’t gotten it yet, and doesn’t look like he want to get it.     Funny for Democrats.   Sad for Republicans.     Bad for the country.


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