Random politicking

* The Obamacare replacement plan came out this week to much fanfare but less=than-stellar response from…..wait for it…the Republicans.   These are the people who have tried in vain for 7 years to repeal the Affordable Care Act and now that they get their chance they’re not happy with what they see.    My opinion: the pulled the cake out of the oven too soon.   I know you were chomping at the bit to reveal the big healthcare plan, but it’s waaaaaay undercooked.    Instead of speed you should have been concentrating on putting out a quality product.    So, now you have the task of forcing your own people to like something they don’t like or have egg on your face if/when it gets voted down or you’re forced to revise it to make it more palatible.   You won, you have the numbers, you can repeal it anytime you want…just come up with something that works as a replacement….can you at least do that?

* Wiretapping?   Really?     The Master of Deflection is at it again.   Russia, Sessions….no, nothing there….but look what I have here!!!!! Obama’s been wire-tapping me.   yeah, that’s it!   I’ll just make more wild, hair-brained, unsubtantiated claims to distract you from the real stories going on.   Didn’t we see that before, like, um, 3 weeks ago when he had proof that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally and VP Pence was put in charge of tracking down those illegal voters.    So, have we heard anything form those investigations?   Actually, we DID hear from Massachusetts and New Hampshire who said the reports of busloads of people going to vote across state lines was total BS despite what Trump had to say.     I did see a report that 31 people may have voted illegally in Michigan.   Now, if we can only find those other 4,999, 969.

* The president puts out a tweet (which, when a sentence starts like that you know the end is going to be hilarious) that said “122 vicious prisoners released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield.   Just another terrible decision.”    No Donny, just another terrible, misguided tweet.    Of those 122, 113 were released by Bush.     Oh, too bad, just missed by one president.   At least he spelled ‘vicious’ right….unlike ‘tapp’, ‘honered’ and ‘unpresidented’.

*I was going to lay into Ben Carson for calling slaves ‘immigrants’ in a speech to HUD earlier this week, but I have to temper my words because he’s not the only one.    I hate to give Breitbart credit for anything except making racism a trending topic, however, they uncovered a speech from then-president Obama where he also refered to laves as immigrants.    His tone was a bit different and so was the context, but you can’t deny it.    Either way, even though I’m a white boy, I beg to differ with both Carson and Obama….in the broad sense of the word, slaves were coming from one country to another, making them immigants, but they were also prisoners and property.    The one faux pas from a cabinet member that I can’t excuse, though is from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.    While talking about Historically Black Colleges and Universities, she equated their founding with school choice.   No Betsy, it was about the fact that blacks weren’t allowed to learn next to white-folk and if they wanted an education, they had to educate themselves.   It wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity.

* By the way, the US Parks Service was forced to release the pictures from the inauguration because of a Freedom of Information request by several media outlets, and they DO show that not only was Trumps crom less than Obama in both 2009 and 2013…..but also less than Bush in 2005.    Dont’t worry Donald, size doesn’t matter.


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