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Decluttering my Life

Aug 19, 2013 -- 8:08am

Wow, I just realized it has been a while since I've blogged. My apologies...these days escape me (I'm sure you know the feeling).

One of the things I've been busy with is preparing for my first-ever yard sale. Oh my, what an undertaking it has been. I underestimated the work it takes to put one of these bad boys on...I applaud any of you who've done this before. I asked for some suggestions/tips on Facebook and lots of people just told me, "don't do it." Haha. Well, I'm doing it - this Saturday, August 24 from 7 a.m. until noon. I would love to meet you! Swing on by - you will see it on Melody Lane in Surfside (across from Tupelo Bay golf course). Hope to see you then!





30 Day Cleanse Update

Aug 01, 2013 -- 10:53am

I'm half way through my 30 day Isagenix cleanse. 2 more weeks from today and it's over...but who's counting. August 15th is coffee day for me! To be honest, some days have been hard, but overall I feel so much better - I have a lot more energy and better focused. The longer I'm on the cleanse the more I don't miss the old food. Although, I will say that the thing I do miss (as I mentioned) is that 4 a.m. cup of Joe.

I've had a lot of people question my 30 day detox. Some want to know what I'm doing so they can learn more. Others look at me as if I've lost my mind. Either way, I took on a challenge and I feel like it's been a good thing - and I always have to follow through with something I started - no matter what it is or how hard it may be. I always ask myself, "what one thing can I do today to make myself a better person?" And this month - I picked a cleanse.

If you are interested in trying a cleanse I really suggest this Isagenix program. It's sensible, the shakes taste great, and you can shed a lot of weight fast. That's not why I'm doing it - I wanted to get rid of some sugar/wheat cravings and detox the toxins in my body - but you sure can lose weight fast on this thing if you wanted to! Here is some more information: http://www.isagenix.com/ww/en/file.ashx?id=9731df08-1d98-423e-a8de-5a590f02ae92

Isagenix also offers a 10 day cleanse if you're nervous about a full 30 day. Here's to a happy and HEALTHY life :)

True Charleston Gem

Jul 29, 2013 -- 5:04am

I have been to Charleston countless times. I love the Holy City and all its history. Most of all I love the boutique shopping and culinary arts. Usually my husband and I will just go down for the day, have dinner and drive home. But this weekend we decided to take in all that historic Charleston has to offer and be true tourists for the weekend.

We came across the Elliott House Inn while researching unique/boutique places to stay. Whenever I have the opportunity to break away from the mold of chain hotels I do - and in Charleston the options of doing that are endless with many special places. But I believe we found a true gem in the Elliott House Inn.

The Elliott House Inn is in the heart of Charleston’s charming Historic District. It was built as a private residence in 1861 but recently was fully renovated in 2012. We walked into the quaint lobby and it felt as though we stepped back in time. The first person we met was Neil at the front desk – lucky for us! He studied Charleston history in college and used to be a teacher and he knows everything about this beautiful city. He drew us a map of all the historic places to see by foot or bike and offered us two bike rentals – yes, the Elliott House Inn has free bike rentals – major perk! After the map tour, he made us dinner reservations and spent 20 minutes talking to us about the history of the food and his personal favorites. We decided on 82 Queen (right next door to Elliott House Inn that has THE most amazing BBQ Shrimp and Grits I’ve ever eaten – and I’ve eaten a lot) for lunch and Anson House for dinner. We ate at Hominy Grill for Sunday brunch (try the salmon cakes).

Saturday early afternoon, we took our map as Neil took our bags as and we walked to the Market which is very close to the hotel and popped into all of the little shops on King Street.

We returned to Elliott House Inn only to find a wine and cheese reception for us and all the guests. We sat in the lush, beautiful courtyard and dined on cheeses, crackers, wine and fresh lemonade. They also have these amazing lemon cupcakes that I’m convinced are homemade. It was a beautiful treat after a long day of walking and shopping.

We returned to our room only to find a complimentary bottle of champagne on ice with two flutes and a beautiful note. The surprises kept coming! It was like a second honeymoon for me and my husband. We saved the champs as we needed to get ready for dinner.

Upon returning from a lovely and filling dinner of seafood we returned to Elliott House Inn to enjoy the hot tub - which is in the middle of the courtyard. It’s so romantic. Twinkle lights and lush greenery surround the tub (it stays open 24/7). We brought down our champagne to enjoy in the hot tub - the jets felt great after our feet were sore from all of our sightseeing.

We retired to bed and slept like rocks on the King bed built for kings in our corner room that looked like it was taken right out of old world Charleston.

Sunday morning we enjoyed the breakfast part of our bed and breakfast stay. We chose to eat in the beautiful courtyard which was serene and a perfect way to start the day!

I usually don’t write reviews on hotels but I found this one to be so special I wanted to share it all with you as the staff paid attention to every detail, the rooms were gorgeous and clean and the food was satisfying. This place would make for a wonderful weekend getaway/staycation. You can splurge a little because you don’t have to pay for airfare as it’s just an hour and a half down the road. I promise you will feel worlds away from reality.  The Elliott House is a true Charleston gem as this B&B, which is on the National Register of Historic places, captures the true spirit of the city and the time period that is the Historic District.

The Royal Baby

Jul 24, 2013 -- 10:19am

What is it with our...okay, I will speak for myself...my fascination with the Royal Family? I seriously can't get enough.

And as anyone who watches any TV, logs onto any computer, or listens to a radio knows the Royal Baby is here! Prince William and his wife Kate debuted their new bundle of job on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital in London yesterday. The baby still doesn't have a name, by the way. William told reporters, quote, "We are still working on a name, so we will have that as soon as we can.  But it's the first time we've seen him really." Asked which parent the child resembles, William said, quote, "He's got her looks, thankfully."  He added that the kid has, quote, "way more" hair than he does. And he said, quote, "He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure.  He's a big boy...he's quite heavy." Kate called the experience "very emotional", adding, quote, "It's a moment that any parent having just given birth will know what this feeling feels like."

So the royal wedding of Will and Kate has passed, the birth of their first baby has passed....what will I have to look forward to now? The couple's second child. I will wait patiently.

Here's video of Prince Charles and Princess Diana leaving that same hospital with William back in 1982.These two didn't address the crowd, and Charles didn't actually drive the getaway car like William did.  ut at least they got to ride off in a seriously ballin' Royal Station Wagon!




Birthday Blessed

Jul 15, 2013 -- 10:03am

Looking back on my wonderful birthday weekend - I feel truly blessed. I believe we are blessed in honor to glorify God! And to him be the glory for 30 wonderful years on this earh full of lots of love, happiness and health! I prayed yesterday for 30 more plus years of the same blessings.

But I have to give a big shout out to my hubby this morning for planning the most memorable birthday weekend. We had a wonderful birthday dinner at Vintage Twelve at Kingston Plantation! I encourage you to check it out! The food is all fresh and made in house - it's farm to table! I had the fresh catch of the day from Murrells Inlet and enjoyed homemade ginger beer, locally grown veggies and made in house bread and butter. To top it off, fresh pecan pie and Firefly sweet tea infused homemade ice cream. The food is to die for up there! Put this on your to-do restaurant list.

On Sunday, my husband rented and chartered a boat from Island Adventure Watersports in Myrtle Beach. It's this great, locally owned and operated business. They offer paddle boards, jet skis, and boat rentals. We took out a speed boat for three hours and went water skiing, wake boarding, and tubing. Our boat captain was great and took care of everything! I highly suggest them if you're looking to spend a day out on the Waterway. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly and helpful! It fulfilled my adventurous side that's for sure.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well - and I'm very thankful the rain held off (for the most part).


Dirty Carpets

Jul 10, 2013 -- 7:58am

Dr. Stephen Haas and his family are from Charlotte, North Carolina, and they were visiting the Ships and Sea Museum in Savannah, Georgia, where Stephen's wife is from. Their 11-year-old daughter, Lexi, is in a wheelchair because she suffers a brain dysfunction called Kernicterus.  Apparently, the museum told them Lexi's wheelchair would make the carpets in the place dirty, so they offered her another wheelchair. She wasn't able to get into it, and the family couldn't go to the museum.

Really? This is wrong. The museum doesn't request visitors to take their shoes off that drag in just as much dirt and mud. I feel for Lexi and her family.

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