I spent much of Saturday listening to Donald Trump's message... and to his message when we interviewed him on the Hot Talk Morning Show. There is no one who understands the global economy and how it effects us and our national debt better than Trump. We are being outsmarted by leaders of third-world nations and nations which Americans thought would never have the upper-hand over us. I believe Trump can "make America great again" after Obama spends eight years screwing it up and driving it into the ground.

Obama apologizes for our successful past, our leadership and superiority. If you don't think America is and should be the best country in the world, then move out!!! I say that Trump should run with Marco Rubio as his VP... Lindsey Graham as Secretary of State and Rudy Giuliani as Homeland Security Chief. We need to shut down bad deals with China, Iran, Cuba and Mexico ASAP... Get out of debt... Get business back to the United States... Support our businesses to create jobs HERE... Control environmentalists who slow our roll giving communist nations like China an opportunity to undercut us ( like with Rare Earth minerals)... Lock up our borders... Build our military and serve our veterans when they return... And make deals... Trump-kind of deals... where America Wins! Trump is a winner.  God Help Us if Slick Hilly slithers into the White House!!! It may be time for a female president, but she is certainly not the right female.

Hillary Clinton made her "announcement" via a YouTube video because she wants us to think she isn't about the fan fare and is more concerned about listening than talking... A listening tour, again.  Really???  It certainly didn't work for her last time... How about TALKING about where she stands on real issues?  How about speaking the truth?  How about not embarrasing our great nation with another Clinton scandal?  Oh dear, I pray Clinton is not elected....we can't take another disasterous White House...

On the world stage, it's humiliating that Obama was re-elected by our own people.   It's unbelievable how we have allowed this man to sell off jobs to far away economies, bring us closer to nuclear war and to make the awful situation in the middle east EVEN WORSE!  The IRS, the VA system, the EPA... all departments out of control.  Where are his leadership skills?  Is he incompetent or is he purposefully trying to ruin America?

He's so concerned about his legacy that he has micro-managed it into hell.