Dave Priest



I was born in the little town of Wood River, IL, on the banks of the Mississippi, and just about 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis.      Diehard Cardinal fan!!!!     All through High School I knew I’d be a doctor, no question about it.    That is, until I went to college.   At the University of Illinois, it was less than a semester before I discovered the campus radio station, WPGU.     I worked harder there than I did on my classes and found out…it was kinda fun.   I got to go backstage and meet rock stars and wannabe rock stars.   Plus there were guest lists, free bar tabs and all the cassettes and LPs the record companies could give me.      It didn’t take long before the doctor thing got lost and radio took over.

After I graduated in 1985 (Go Illini!!), my first job in the real world was WXQR / Jacksonville, the Rock and Roll Animal.    I worked there for 2 years getting some good experience, but the best thing I got was my wife, Elissa.

In 1987, we moved to the Myrtle Beach area, where my first job was actually at Rock 98, based in Georgetown.      The signal barely reached Surfside Beach, but at least we were the only station rockin’ the Grand Strand.

Then, Rock 98 was sold, and we were all fired.  

Transition to Country Music.    In 1989, Country was starting to explode, so I got in on the ground floor, working for WYAK / Y-103 for 7 years, before going to WJXY / Conway for a few months, and then Gator 107.9 for a year.

In 1997, Wave 104 needed a Program Director.   I got the job and got back into Rock.    But Wave had a sister station, WRNN, which also needed a Program Director…so I was doing both.     After a of couple years, in 2001, I became part of the morning show on WRNN and I’ve been there ever since.    It’s been an interesting journey, but aside from the whole ‘getting up at 2:30am thing’, it’s pretty cool.




Liz Callaway

Liz Callaway has been fascinated by the news business since she was a young girl. In the early years, she could be seen walking down the streets of her Long Island, New York hometown with a cassette recorder asking neighbors questions about hot topics of the day, recording their answers and writing up a news report for extra credit in English class. She was Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper, earned a B.A. in Electronic News Gathering at Hofstra University and soon turned her college internship as a news videographer into a full-time job. In 1992, her love affair with radio began. At Long Island stations WWHB, WLNG, and WALK she found the love affair was undeniable. "There's nothing like the feeling one gets when you slip on headphones and speak directly with listeners. I LOVE CALLERS! That's because radio is personal. And, the spoken word is powerful!" After a few years on a "mommy detour" to raise her two children, Nicholas, 18 and Emily, 14, she is finally reunited with her first love...RADIO...at WRNN. Off air, Liz loves to explore Myrtle Beach with her kids, Zumba, dance to loud music, have an ice-cold beer before the Back Nine, walk the beach in the late afternoon, horseback ride, volunteer, and can be seen at Mass on Sundays.