Dave Ramsey & Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham & Mark Levin
Michael Savage & Kim Komando
Monica Crowley & Sean Hannity


WRNN Lineup



(Monday - Friday)
1am-5am:       Coast to Coast
5am-6am:       America in the Morning  
6am-10am:    Hot Talk Morning Show with  
                         Dave & Liz

10am-12pm:   Laura Ingraham     
12pm-3pm:    Rush Limbaugh   
3pm-6pm:     Sean Hannity    
6pm-9pm:     Mark Levin    
9pm-11pm:   Michael Savage   
11pm-1am:   Jim Bohannon


12a-1a:  Jim Bohannon
1a-6a:  Coast to Coast
6a-7a:  Where to Play Golf
7am -9:30a:  Paid programming
9:30am-10a:  Retire Right Radio with Patrick Munro
10a-1p:  Kim Komando
1p-4p:  Monica Crowley
4p-7p:  Dave Ramsey
7p-10p:  Free Talk Live
10p-1a:  The Best of Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1am - 5am:  Coast to Coast
5am- 7am:  TalkRadio Countdown
7am - 10a:  Paid Programming
10am-1p:  Best of Rush Limbaugh
1p - 4p:  Best of Sean Hannity
4p - 7p:  Money Talk with Bob Brinker

7p - 9p: Beyond the Beltway

9p - 10p: Ben Ferguson Show
 10p - 1a:  Bill Cunningham