What do Olivia Pope and Patty Smyth have in common?

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If you every got a chance to look at my studio, you’d see it littered with all sorts of paper.    Rush Limbaugh talks about his ‘stack of stuff’….I have multiples.    I’m a bit of a packrat because my mind says I can’t throw something away if it might be useful later on.    That’s the reason I keep stories from weeks, months, even years ago.   I like to have the literal paper trail whenever a subject comes up that I need to pull examples from.    But I’m having problems with my ‘politics’ stack.     To keep it from getting more than the 2-feet high it’s already reached, I have to go through and weed out old stories than we’ll probably never re-visit or use again.    That means that lots of good, strong (admittedly anti-Trump) stuff gets thrown into the recycle bin.    So, when someone asks why I dislike this president so much, a lot of the examples I would use have been pitched.     The good (or bad) news is that the reason they get tossed is because they get replaced by all-new scandals, mis-steps, mis-speaks, bad texting and other presidential low points.

I’ve actually figured out why Trump is being called “the Teflon Don”.    The main reason is that before the media can grab onto one of the scandals…investigate and flesh it out and make it stick to Trump……pop….another scandal comes along and requires the press to chase that.    While they’re looking into scandal number 2….pop……hey, look, another shiny new scandal.    In one of my previous blogs I said that Trump is the master of mis-direction.    While the press is chasing down something bad against him, he’ll tweet something crazy about wire-tapping or 5 million illegal votes.    The press has to follow up on those red-herrings, leaving the real scandals to twist in the wind.

Think I’m crazy?    Even if you hated Obama, you probably have a hard time naming more than a couple scandals that happened during his 8 years.   I actually just googled, and Brietbart took it upon themselves to investigate that very topic.   They came up with 18, but most of those weren’t scandals….they were more like ‘things Obama-haters hated’.    Of the 18, Fast and Furious was definitely a scandal (the arms dealing, not the movie franchise) and maybe Benghazi.    (I say ‘maybe’ because after years of investigations, nothing was found to be criminal on Obama or Hillary’s part.)    What I’m getting at is if you only have a small number of scandals or would-be scandals, it’s easy for haters to focus on every small, minute piece of information regarding that scandal and tear it apart piece by piece.   It also gives time for the scandal-mongers to rally their troops around a topic that might be complicated, but give it to them in small, easy bites, so they can digest it and know why they’re supposed to mad at the scandal-target.

That’s why Trump was so successful during the election.    The only scandal they had on Hillary was e-mails…which, be honest, was so inconsequential, but since it was the only thing they had, they beat it into the ground and even had the minions chanting ‘lock her up’ for something that’s not even against the law.     (I also find it ironic that the GOP said anyone, like Hillary, who divulged secret intelligence shouldn’t be allowed access anymore…..but they have a president that did just that….d’oh).      So while the GOP focused on e-mails, Trump breezed through the scandal of the day….grabbing crotches, Muslim bans, purple hearts, making fun of the disabled (you see, this is where my stack of politics comes in handy).     The sensible person who look at those 2 lists and assume that the candidate with a different scandal every day wouldn’t have a chance to win.   Obviously it didn’t turn out that way.    The longest a Trump scandal lasted was about a week, then got replaced by the next one.   Americans have such a short attention span, I guess they forgot from week to week, and there was no cumulative effect.     That, plus Hillary was waaaaay too cocky, didn’t campaign hard enough, and Trump was a master of pushing all the right buttons with all the right crowds.    As much as I don’t like him, I will always give him credit for running a masterful campaign.   Not a good one, but incredibly effective.

Does the ‘lying, liberal media’ have it out for Trump?    Yep.     Do they jump at every mistake?   Absolutely.    Are they trying to make the president and his administration look foolish?     Yes, although in my opinion the administration is doing a fine job of that.        After the past 7 days of ‘can anyone give a straight answer as to why we fired Comey’?…to possibly passing classified info to Russians….in the Oval Office no less…to asking the FBI director to drop his investigation of Michael Flynn…..you’d think one of these scandals would stick.    We’ll see.     Problem is, we’ve already forgotten about the first 2 because the third one took its place in our short little memories.     And, as any cook will tell you, Teflon wears off eventually.

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PS – I noticed I used lots of quotation marks in this blog.    I guess I’ve learned from Twitter, that if you put words in quotation marks, you can come back later and tell people that since they were in quotes, I didn’t really mean it and therefore can be held accountable.    I guess I should just put this entire blog in quotes, so that when someone tells me I shouldn’t hate on the president so much, I can just tell them they’ve misunderstood my blog and I didn’t mean it that way at all.    Didn’t you see the quotation marks?    Isn’t that how it works now?

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