Oh! Canada?

Canadian National Anthem Revised With Gender-Neutral Language

Canadian athletes will be singing new lyrics at sports events. Here, Benjamin Thorne of Canada celebrates after winning bronze in the Men’s 20km Race Walk final at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in 2015 in Beijing.

The Canadian national anthem is now more gender-neutral, after a bill that changes the lyrics passed the country’s Senate.

The second line of “O Canada,” which has said the nation inspires patriotism “in all thy sons,” will now read “in all of us.”

This has been in the works for a long time. According to the CBC, “Since 1980, when O Canada officially became the country’s anthem, 12 bills have been introduced in the House to strip the gendered reference to ‘sons,’ which some have argued is discriminatory.”

But it has faced significant opposition in the Senate. The bill that passed is primarily composed of sheet music of the anthem.

Interestingly, “O Canada” actually started out as a gender-neutral song. According to The New York Times, the second line was originally “True patriot love thou dost in us command.” It’s not clear why, or at what point, the lyric was changed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it “another positive step towards gender equality.”

Francophones aren’t changing their version of the anthem. As the National Postpoints out, the French lyrics take a much different approach from the English ones. The newspaper gives this English translation:

“O Canada! Land of our ancestors. / Your brow is covered with glorious flower garlands. / Because your arm knows how to wield a sword / And knows how to carry a cross / Your history is an epic / Of brilliants exploits / And your valour is steeped in faith / Protect our homes and our rights / Protect our homes and our rights.”

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