Many of America’s Problems will be Solved with the Trump Administration…

If you always knew in your heart, like me, that Donald J. Trump was going to be our 45th President no matter what the “dishonest media” reported over the past 18 months, today is extra sweet!

Watching the festivities unfold this past week, and even more striking, Trump’s descent from the US Presidential military plane yesterday afternoon has been a view many Trump supporters have been waiting for since he teased us with the thought of running back in April 2015.

After our first interview with him on WRNN months before he announced his candidacy, I knew he would be a man of his word and that he would run.  Do I think he’s the perfect man for the job?  Do I think he’s as polished and eloquent as past presidents?  Do I think he knows everything he needs to know to address foreign policy issues, dangerous issues, right out of the gate?  Not 100%.  After all, there is only one perfect man to walk this earth…

What I do KNOW is that he is a man of his word, he seems to have been a good father, he is a very successful business man, he is good at acknowledging great qualities in others abd he’s great at hiring the right people and firing those who are sub-standard.  He’s quick to compliment and celebrate the successes and skills of others and rewards those who perform well with accolades and advancement if they’re employed with him.  He is loyal to those who do right by him and never forgets great work.

I am so proud of America today.  I feel full of hope.  I believe our borders will be secured, dangerous leaders with rising nuclear powers will be squashed, good-paying, quality jobs will be restored on our soil, our military will regain power and respect around the world, every American will have access to healthcare, education will improve, civil rights of everyone will be protected and poverty will be addressed.

Trump is one of US.  He’s not a politician.  He’s the People’s President.  I understand him when he speaks.  He makes sense.  He has great intentions and he loves America like us.  He will protect us from loud, obnoxious voices from the extreme sides of the political spectrum… from the left to the right… that seem to get all the attention.

President Donald J. Trump will certainly Make America Great Again and Greater than EVER BEFORE!



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