Let’s Talk About Me…..

To be successful, you have to believe in yourself.    You have to have the self-confidence to know that nothing is beyond your reach or capabilities.   You have to be able to trust in yourself, even if everyone around you is letting you down.     A bit of ego is necessary make it to the top.

But, there’s a difference between having a healthy bit of ego and making everything about ‘me’, even if it has nothing to do with ‘me’.       That’s our president!!!!

In the last month, Trump has traveled to Texas and Puerto Rico in the wake of the hurricanes that devastated the areas.     In Austin, he never once mentioned the millions of residents who were suffering after bearing the brunt of Harvey, but DID take time to mention the nice turnout of people who came to see him.   In Puerto Rico, he praised the Governor, because the Governor had said good things about Trump and gave him high grades on response.     This as only 5% of the island has power after 13 days.

More examples?

While campaigning for Luther Strange for the Alabama Senate seat, he told the audience that if Strange lost, that the media would blame it on Trump and make fun of the fact that the president didn’t have enough pull to get him to victory.     Then when Strange lost, he called the media ‘fake news’ because Strange went up in the polls slightly with Trump’s endorsement but still lost by 10 points.

He puts out tweets like, “Never has there been a president, with few exceptions…who have passed more legislation, done more things.”       Now, we know the legislation part is a flatout lie….but if by ‘done more things’ he means, wake up in the middle of the might to tweet, embarrass the country regularly, replace staff members because a high turn-over rate, tweet some more, avoid press conferences, watch Fox News to get the day’s talking points, ignore advice from advisors and divide the country….well, those certainly qualify as ‘things’…and he’s done them all a lot.    So I’ll give him the whole ‘done more things’ part of he tweet.

How about calling a full-blown Cabinet meeting this past June.   Big doings, right?     Nope….it was a chance to go around the table so that every person in the room, every person who had worked their whole lives to get to the top to their trades, every person who would be considered leaders in business, industry and politics to get on their knees and smooch Trump’s butt by saying, one at a time, just how much they adore the president and how much of an honor it was to be smooching his butt on national TV.     That wasn’t Trumpian, that was more Kim Jong Un-ian.

Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot and killed in Chicago.    Trump tweets condolences….several hours after his first tweet using the tragedy to let people know that “just what I have been saying.    African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP.”

At the national prayer breakfast, he recommended that prayers be sent to Arnold Schwarzenegger because his ratings for Celebrity Apprentice were lower than his were.     At the National Prayer Breakfast!!!!!

Let’s not mention the fact that he has to put his name in HUGE letters on everything….almost like he’s trying to compensate for something.

People ask why I don’t like Trump.   I can tell you it started decades ago.    He came on my radar back in the 70s and 80s while he was trying to make his name amongst the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous set.     Yes he was rich, and getting more famous and he never let us little people forget it.   Would I love to have his money?   Absolutely!     But if it came with all the trappings of his life…having to be adored and loved by everyone in his orbit…having to buy friends…..getting loyalty only out of the fear of losing your job…then I’d have to think twice.     I’d take the money, but I’d think twice, let’s be honest here.

When Obama was in the White House, after every speech he’d make, the right-wing networks would always let you know how many time he used the word ‘I’ in his speech.    They were trying to show that he was egomaniacal.   With this current president, I don’t see them doing that same exercise, mainly because it would take all the fingers and toes in the newsroom to keep up with the count.


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