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Dave's Blog



It was 70 years ago this week that the concentration camp at Auschwitz was liberated.   Hopefully the world will never see its like again.

It was 30 years ago this week that a bunch of stars got together in Los Angeles and recorded "We are the World".     It sold 20 million copies and raised awareness of a problem that most people didn't know existed or didn't want to acknowledge....that hunger exists.

It was 20 years ago this week that the OJ Simpson murder trail started...and didn't end for 9 months.   We all remember how that ended.    The jury believed the rhetoric and silver tongues of Johnnie Cochran and The Dream Team more than they believed the relatively new science of DNA and set OJ free.    The glove did not they must acquit!     It didn't matter that the DNA evidence proved that the blood on the scene belonged to Simpson.   It didn't matter that OJ was wearing plastic gloves so the leather gloves wouldn't slip on his hands.     It didn't matter that he led police on his white Bronco chase...which no innocent person would have done.   All that was thrown to the side of the road and justice was NOT served.      How did that make you feel?     Did you feel as though the jury let their emotions get in the way of facts?   Like a group of people refused to see what was right in front of them?      That the community that had alays rallied behind OJ had their heads in the sand out of blind loyalty to what they've been taught all their lives.    

That's the way I felt...and I still feel that way today.    Yes...about OJ....but also about several other issues we take up during The Morning Show.      Let's take Climate Change.    Literally thousands of climate scientists agree that Man is influencing the climate negatively, but that's not enough to convince the non-scientists among us to believe them.    They will point to the fact that even though 8000+ scientists think one way, that doesn't negate the 2...yes 2!... scientists that disagree wih the majority.     Those in power who refuse to answer questions about Climate Change will answer with some variation of "...I'm not a scientist, so I'm not qualified to answer that."    Well, I'm not a scientist either, but I'm smart enough to listen to one....or in this case, 8000+.    Also, as one comedian likes to say, you're not an obstetrician either, but that doesn't keep you from answering questions about women's health.     

Politicians like to complain that 'our children and grandchildren will have to pay for what 'the other side' is doing right now.     Well, if you were truely interested in making sure future generations were taken care of, making sure tey have a place to live should be job one.

Like the OJ jury, the science...the facts...are right there in front of you.    The OJ jury decided NOT to listen to facts, but instead listen to other voices telling them that the facts were somehow skewed or twisted to fit an agenda.     20 years ago, a killer went free.     Don't let pride or politics lead to the death of our planet as well.

Liz's Blog


It's mid-January... I guess it's time to think about some resolutions, huh?   Better late than NEVER?!

Well, I think resolutions never change but rather get re-prioritized from year to year.

It's a time to clearly voice your intentions for the new year ahead... but if all the same obstacles remain, how could the results be any different?


Ahhhh.... there lies the challenge.


Well, if you listen to the morning show you know I'm in love with my nutritionist (Emma Ware) and I'm in love with Yoga (Yoga in Common).  Addicted to both.  Aren't healthy addictions good for you???   Ummmm, that's a topic for another day.


Anyway, those continue to be my goals.... Healthy body, healthy mind.

 "Church every Sunday" ...healthy spirit...

Spend more quality time ... regularly ... with my kids who are nearly adults!

Call my parents more often... more regularly.

Love more, Laugh often and Live Life to the Fullest.... Easier said than done, but achievable.


Hmmmm, the list looks the same as last year, but this year will be different... but my attitude ( my obstacle ) is different.

Attitude is the key to changing the journey you're on.   We create happiness for ourselves and can not expect others to create that for us.

In the same vein, we can't blame others for our unhappiness.


That's another good goal:

I will be responsible for my own happiness.


How 'bout you?


Happy New Year!  

2015 ALREADY?!?!?

Darn, I'm getting old.


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