Hot Talk Hot Nights…….every Thursday!!!!!

Attention WRNN listeners……We have brought back the event that you loved!!

Hot Talk, Hot Nights with Liz Callaway sponsored by Northstar Financial Advisors

This Spring, Hot Talk, Hot Nights with Liz Callaway begins on Thursday, March 15th and runs through May 31st

Festivities begin at 5:30!!

Hot Talk, Hot Nights with Liz Callaway  will once again take place on the roof top bar at Soho on 21st Ave. N, Myrtle Beach.

There will be games, giveaways, special guests, and much more!

Every week, everyone in attendance will get a chance to open The Gun Store prize vault.   If you do, with win $1,000!!!!!!!!!!

Do not miss the Sushi specials, great deals, and delicious specialty drinks!

See you next Thursday!!!


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