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North Carolina soldier saves woman from car explosion: ‘It’s going to have to go through me to get to you’

Posted: Sep 27, 2017 6:12 PM EDTUpdated: Sep 27, 2017 7:41 PM EDT

Photo: Brandy GuinPhoto: Brandy Guin

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –A North Carolina National Guardsman is being hailed a hero for saving a woman from an explosion after a fiery crash.

On Monday, Staff Sergeant Cory Hinkle was driving home from the National Guard base in Charlotte when he witnessed a crash on the highway directly in front of him.

“I saw the cars in front of me just slam into each other and dust and smoke go everywhere,” Hinkle told TV station WBTV.

The Iraq war veteran said he didn’t think twice about running toward the smoking car to help. He said his instinct took over. When he got to the car he say a 28-year-old woman with a broken ankle struggling to get out of the car. The woman, Brandy Guin, says Hinkle helped her get to the side of the road even as her car started to catch fire. The shocks started to explode and debris went flying.

“As the fire started to spread in my car, the shocks started to explode and hot debris was flying everywhere,” Guin said, “He shielded me with his body and said ‘It’s going to have to go through me to get to you.”

Hinkle protected the woman from the debris, shielding her and taking a piece of metal in the ankle in the process.  But he says he wouldn’t do anything differently.

WBTV reports that Guin continues to recover in the hospital, where Staff Sergeant Hinkle calls to check on her every day. Guin says the two of them have become friends.

“I will forever be indebted to him. He’s a true hero,” Guin said.

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