Christmas wish granted!

Boy with cerebral palsy gets Christmas wish thanks to strangers in Surfside

 Boy with cerebral palsy gets Christmas wish thanks to strangers (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Christmas came early in Surfside Beach for a North Carolina boy.

Slade Sisk is a 13-year-old boy with cerebral palsy.

“We just wanted to help him out. He had never seen the beach before so everybody was touched by that that he wanted to see the beach and come to our area to see the beach for the first time,” said Daniel Bundrick, the owner of Surfside Beach Pharmacy.

Sisk’s mom posted his Christmas wish on Facebook and it made its way to the Surfsidians Facebook page. The people in the group decided to be real-life Santas and pay for the Sisks’ trip the Grand Strand.

“I’m so excited for Slade and overwhelmed and tired but just so many people to thank and I can’t wait to get back to the motel room and write it all down and absorb it,” said Kimberly Sisk, Slade’s mom.

On Thursday, Surfside Beach Pharmacy hosted cheerleaders, first responders, and even Santa to welcome Slade.

“He was happy to meet the real Santa Claus and just seeing the ocean, that was his biggest thing. Just this morning he was so happy to wake up and look at the ocean,” said Sisk.

Sisk said she cannot believe the outpouring of generosity from strangers.

“I was just in disbelief. He was sitting in my lap typing, talking, and he said ‘pinch me mom’ and I said well you’re going to have to pinch me too because we just couldn’t believe it,” said Sisk.

But Bundrick says this is just how the people of Surfside Beach are.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s a great community, it’s called the family beach, so it’s perfect for us,” said Bundrick.

The day ended up being a gift for everyone.

“It just lets you know that you can’t take life for granted.He’s got so many health issues and just things we just take for granted,” said Sisk. “It’s overwhelming. It really is the Christmas spirit.”

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