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The Senate’s latest attempt to repeal and replace the ACA imploded after 2 more GOP Senators came out against the plan, essentially dooming it.    As a devout non-Republican, you’d think I’d be happy.   I did giggle with glee a little bit….then a little bit more….but actually it makes me sad for a number of reasons.     Not because this specific legislation died, I’m happy about that, but not happy that ‘the best and brightest’ that we elect to the highest positions in the land can’t get together and determine what’s best for all Americans.

Like everything else that shouldn’t be politicized (climate change, equal rights) the healthcare debate is 100% partisan.   Both sides only care about looking good to their own constituents, they don’t care about the other side.    Even the president is now saying to ‘let Obamacare implode”.     Great….so you’re not president of the entire United States, only the people who are lucky enough to be able to afford healthcare without the help of the ACA?   Because if the ACA goes belly-up, millions of Americans will be hurting and without healthcare.   It’s not like the president needs to care about everyone in the country, right?    A real president would look for solutions to keep things running as smoothly until you find a real, workable, feesible replacement for the ACA…not laugh at the potential pain of millions of working class citizens.       Yes, you have the votes in the Senate, the House and the White House, so you should be able to put in whatever you want.   It will happen, I just hope everyone has enough sense to take their time and do it right.    Now that the knee-jerk replacement bills have bitten the dust, maybe you’ll take that time and look for real solutions for the majority of Americans.

The problem is, if you talk to regular people, just about everyone can identify some problems within the healthcare system…the cost of meds, the cost of procedures, misuse of medicare, hospitals over-charging insurance companies.     Seems to me that tackling little pieces of what’s wrong will eventually add up.   Instead, the feds are looking to revamp the whole system, so the smaller things that affect the everyday people (meds, doctor bills, etc) get left by the wayside.

When the Democrats created the ACA, there were plenty of red flags.    The main thing was mandating everyone get insurance so that the healthy ones would be paying for the unhealthy.    I understand this in theory, but in reality it didn’t work.   Plus, Americans don’t like to be told they HAVE to do anything.   face it, Obama would have loved to have pushed for a National Healthcare system like Canada or England, but it’s toooooo socialist for a majority of Americans to accept at this moment.   Maybe oneday, but right now?…probably not.     So instead of going single-payer they came up with the ACA.     You know the old saying that goes ‘when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one’?    That’s what happened.    Does ACA have problems…yes!      Is it fixable…maybe…but it would take both sides working together.     So it’s highly unlikely.    The Democrats were too busy bad-mouthing every part of the bills instead of coming up with fixes to the current system….but the GOP was crafting the new legislation behind closed doors, out of the sight of other Republicans, let alone Democrats…so working together seems to be out of the question.

Is healthcare a right?     Hmmmmm, good question.    We’re afforded the right to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.     The right of life could be easily understood to mean health and healthcare.     And you can’t really pursue happiness unless you’re healthy too, right?     So it almost sounds like the framers would have wanted healthcare to be something given to all Americans.   Does that make Jefferson and Madison socialists?

… other issues……..

I’ve been so busy picking on Donnie Sr, I haven’t mentioned Junior.

quickly…..we had nothing to do with any Russians.     Oh, except this meeting with this lawyer.      But we only talked about adoption.     Oh, but I was told it was going to be about Hillary.     But it was only me and her and the guy who put it together, nobody else.    Oh, yeah, forgot about the former intelligence office, and the interpreter, and the family representative.     If your spouse told you this many lies about who they went out to meet and under what curcumstances, you’d be calling a divorce lawyer.    Plus, before all of this hit the fan, Jared Kushner re-filed his security clearance (for the third time!!) to add this meeting because he knew it would be made public….and the Trump campaign paid the law firm now representing Junior $50k so they would defend him from what they knew was coming.     The payment was made days in advance of the story coming out but the president said he knew nothing of this meeting until Junior release the e-mail chain.    really?      All of this is legal….but slimey as hell.    I’d expect this from Tony Soprano.     Not the highest office in the country.


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