I Don’t Care Anymore

Apathy is so freeing!!!!!

After 55 years of caring.   After 55 years of worrying.   After 55 years of empathizing and sympathizing….I don’t care anymore.

If I’ve learned anything from the direction my country is moving, it’s that to get anywhere in this world you have to be callous, indifferent, heartless and ruthless.     I don’t know if I can transition easily enough into callous, heartless and ruthless….but indifferent shouldn’t be so hard, should it?      All I have to do is follow the cue of our leaders and it should be a snap.

I’ve wasted an inordinate amount of time over the decades recycling.   I used to get frustrated when I’d see someone throw a can or bottle in the trash instead of the proper bin.     No more!!    I’ve learned that it’s easier to just toss it and forget it.   Plus I don’t have to make extra trips to the recycling centers.    So I’m saving time and gas….Bonus!    Why should I care, I’ll be dead in a few years and why should I care if my planet is covered in garbage, nobody else does.

I used to argue with people about climate change.     What’s the point?    You can’t get scientists to agree on anything, but when you get 97 percent of them to say that climate change is real and that it’s being exacerbated by mankind…but apparently science has become all political and those scientists are just working for some liberal save-the-earth lobby or something…so you have to discount what they have to say.   Just toss it in the can.    As I said above, I’ll be dead in a few years, so what if droughts become deadlier, hurrucaines become stronger and more violent, the shorelines start to erode and dissappear and the earths temperatures continue to rise?    Actually, all that is already happening….but, phew….apathy, remember?

I used to worry about other people.    Bah!     So what if the US is the only country some little brown kid has ever known?    I say round ’em up, cuff ’em, drop them in some Mexican desert and let their own kind sort them out.   Not our problem.     Forget about that, poor, tired, huddled masses malarky.   It’s not like immigrants have done anything positive for America for the past 400 years, right?

I used to worry about facts….no more!    As a reporter, I thought it was important to make sure what I said was as close to the truth as possible.   But after watching the person occupying the White House for the past year, I’ve realized that facts are totally overrated!    I’ve learned you can say anything you want, facts be damned, as long as you continue to repeat it over and over.   If someone points out that you’re wrong, you call THEM a liar and repeat the original non-truth.      Sh!thole anyone?       Let’s just look at one stupid example from this past week.   A Tweet stated that “Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled.    Thank you, and it will get even (much) better!”       First of all, he’s starting to refer to himself in the third-person.     Second, it should be ‘have’ not ‘has’ (what is that, 2nd grade grammar?).     Third, what can you say about the grammar of ‘it will get even much better”?     Oh I forgot, the new study that came out last week showed Trump speaks at a 4th grade level….the lowest of any president since 1900…so why am I surpirsed?

But back to the tweet….the reason I used this as an example is because he purports his approval ratings amongst Black Americans have doubled.   He states this as a fact.      Wanna know the real fact?   His approval ratings with that demo WAS at 15% at the start of 2017.   Now….it’s at 6%.    I’m no math major, but 6% is a little short of doubling 15%.     But who cares?    I’ve been told I shouldn’t worry about what he says or how he says it, but rather the sentiment behind it.   So even though to the vast majority of Americans that was a flat-out lie….it doesn’t matter anymore under today’s standards.     It makes it much easier to teach your children.     When they tell a lie, instead of scolding them, congratulate them.    Show them how to spin it, double down and turn it around on anyone with the audacity to call them out on it.

I used to worry about image.    I thought it was important to project a positive image so that those around me would think highly of me.   Too much work!      I know now that I can say anything I want about any religion I don’t like or any race I’m not fond of.     Or I can just disparage an entire continent.    Sh!thole anyone?     Like the president, I don’t want to act in a manner that commands respect and admiration.   I understand now that I can be crude, obnoxious, uncaring, back-biting and disingenuous and still make my way in life.     Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier?

I’ve wasted so much time on this planet caring about people, caring about things that, quite frankly, took a lot of time out of my day.   Now, I don’t care anymore.    The planet can go to hell, America’s place in the world can go to hell, civility can go to hell, race relations can go to hell, accountability can go to hell and transparency can go to hell.   I’m sure there’s more, but I don’t care.    The people of a strong country take their cues from their leaders….so what do you expect…..I’m following the presidential example.

One note on recycling….in 2020, whoever’s running for president will be able to recycle the ‘make America great again” slogan….because after 3 more years of this, somebody’s going to have to.


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