Sex education in South Carolina

Apr 11, 2013 -- 11:00am

A new bill is in front of the SC legislature that would expand sex education in our schools.   Currently, our kids are taught abstinence and are only taught about birth control as something that would be used after marriage for family planning.     Nice, but SOOOOOO far from reality.      People...get your heads out of the sand.    I thought we settled this decades ago.      Thinking, hoping, wishing and praying that our children aren't having pre-marital sex is just naive.      It's happening whether you want to believe it, and un-married girls are having babies.      It's true, in recent years, the rate of teen pregnancy has gone down nationwide, but in SC, we still rank high in teen pregnancy and STDs.    Could there be a corelation between those rates and the fact that we refuse to teach them how to protect themelves form both?      Most likely.      How about this stat: SC taxpayers spend 200 million dollars A YEAR on teen pregnancies through Medicaid.     If you're a conservative like a majority of South Carolinians, you could save money on that entitlement, and by attrition, cut down on the number of abortions performed in the state.     Which is more important?   Holding on to the 1950's ideal that unmarried people aren't having sex?    Or cutting down on entitlements, unwanted pregnancies, and abortions?    It seems to be a very simple question to me.     What about you?

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