what's so special about weekends?

Apr 05, 2013 -- 12:58pm

In 1979 the Boomtown Rats released a song called "I Don't Like Mondays".   Let's forget the song was about a school shooting in San Diego...because most people have the same attitude.    Mondays bad - Fridays awesome!        Well, let me be the first to say...I don't like Fridays.      I have extra work to do at the station to get ready for the weekend.   I'm usually here 11-12 hours....go home, eat, and fall asleep.   Woo-hoo....I can really see what all the fuss is about....Fridays rock!        But on Monday, despite the fact that it's a new work-week, my work load is usually light and I can get out of here in less than 10 hours.      Which would you prefer?      I bet there are lots of you like me...espcially in the Myrtle Beach area.     With half of our wokforce in bars, restaurants and retail, Friday, Saturday and Sundays are your busiest days.   You probably equate the word 'weekend' with extra work.     Don't be afraid!   The next time someone touts the the upcoming weekend or says 'thank God it's Friday"...let 'em have it...     Although I do like being able to sleep past dawn for 2 days in a row.....

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