Guys get the shaft

Feb 13, 2013 -- 11:08am

Valentine's Day.     A new study from the National Retail Federation shows that the average person will spend $130 dollars this year on Valentine's Day.   I guess I should say the average MAN will spend that much, because there's no way a woman is shelling out $130 bucks on stuff for the man in their life.   A woman might say that the man's reward comes later...and that it's priceless...or at least worth $130.      I guess I shouldn't be surprised because guys get the short end on Mother's/Father's Day too.     Kids remember Mom with lavish gifts, flowers and poetry.   Dad get generic clothing...boxers, ties, belts.    In some parts of the country there's another so-called holiday that was invented so women can reap the benefits called Sweetest Day.     It comes in October when nothing else is happening, so women have another excuse to get cards, candy, presents and dinners...and again, guys get nothing.      Men, it's time we stand up for ourselves and demand equality when it comes to holidays.   We've been held down long enough.

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