Remembering Roger Ebert

Apr 05, 2013 -- 10:05am

Nobody wrote a scathing review better than Roger Ebert. They were works of art.

On Tuesday, Ebert announced that he's battling cancer again, this time in his hip. And he said he was taking, quote, "a leave of presence" - meaning that he was slowing down, but not going anywhere. Well, that turned out to not be 100% accurate, because he DIED yesterday. He was 70 years old. There's no word on the cause of his death, but Ebert had been battling cancer in one form or another for the past 11 years. He ultimately lost his jaw and his ability to speak because of it, but continued working. Now that he is gone - I hope for his sake there's buttered popcorn in heaven.

And I came across a list of classic movies that Ebert gave bad reviews to - see if you agree.

--"A Clockwork Orange"

--"Donnie Darko"

--"Dead Poets Society"

--"Fight Club"

--"Full Metal Jacket"

--"Harold and Maude"

--"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

Check out a list of all those and more here:

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