Weighty Issue

Apr 03, 2013 -- 9:01am

Thinking about the new airport terminal at Myrtle Beach International airport has me anxious to book a flight and travel just to see the new facility - looks gorgeous from what I can see in photos. Since travel is on my mind...this story caught my eye.

Samoa Air is now charging passengers by the pound. You won't pay a flat fee per seat anymore. Instead they'll charge everyone based on how much they weigh, from newborns all the way up to sumo wrestlers. More than 90% of American Samoan adults are overweight, and Samoa Air's biggest plane only carries nine passengers. So even a single overweight person makes a big difference in how the plane flies. The charge is around a dollar per kilogram for most flights, or 45 cents a pound. The airline has been charging this way since November. It's only news now because regulators just approved a new route between Samoa and American Samoa . . . in other words, now it affects chubby AMERICANS. I know this is a controversial decision - but to be honest - I think it's fair.


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