We shouldn't be voting for these people

Apr 02, 2013 -- 12:18pm

As I was reading the Op-Ed pages of the Sun News today I saw the editorial and realized I could have written it.   It's a statement that I've made several times on the air over the past few years...that the consitutional offices in South Carolina (the cabinet positions if you will) should NOT be elected by popular vote, but rather should be appointed by the Governor.      The main arguement against this is that it would give the Governor too much power.    Does the same process give the Preseident of the US too much power?     No...all the choice have to be approved by Congress...just as all the Governor's choices would have to be approved by The state legislature.      Besides, to the victor goes the spoils.     The governor should have people below him/her that they know and trust because they are all supposed to be on the same page, working for a common goal.     When these people are elected, you don't know until the day after election day who's going to be doing what.     The main reason I feel these positoons should be appointed is that the average South Carolinian doesn't know the difference between candidates for Agriculture Secretary or Treasurer...and just ends up voting for the person who has the most signs or TV ads.  That's a great way to pick someone.     And what about Adjutant General?     Do you know who holds that position?    Do you know what that person does of what his qualifications should be?    Of course you don't.       For the record, Major General Bob Livingston holds that position and is in charge of the state's national guard troops.   Yeah, that's a position that should be left up to the average man on the street.     Even Livingston agrees his position should be appointed, not voted on.        We just voted to change the state's consititution to allow the Governor and Lt. Governor to be elected on the same ticket, and it would take another vote by the people to allow appointment of the state's cabinet.     Maybe someday......


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