April Fools Day Reminders

Apr 01, 2013 -- 10:06am

Keep an eye out today. Any minute there could be someone setting you up to get pranked. My dad used to be the king of pranks in our house. It never failed - every year I fell for the same trick - rubber band around the kitchen sink hose - I would be grabbing a glass of water on my way out the door for school - flip on the sink and get soaked with no time to change as the school bus was pulling up. Ugh!

Here are a couple of warnings as you go throughout this April Fools Day:

WARNING: If more than one person addresses you as "Moron", immediately remove your name tag and check it for tampering.

WARNING: Do not be alarmed if you turn on your office computer and find your new home page has been set to "Meet Hot Gay Men In Your Area Dot Com".

Online there are some pranks circulating. The folks at YouTube decided to celebrate April Fools' Day with a ridiculous fake contest. They posted a video yesterday explaining that YouTube is SHUTTING DOWN until 2023, so they can watch every video that's been uploaded and pick a winner. About half of the video consists of different YouTube celebrities like the "Bed Intruder" guy and the "David After Dentist" kid talking about how much they want to win. Obviously, the whole thing is just a joke.

Also, Google's second big prank was an announcement that they're releasing something called 'Google Nose,' which allegedly lets you smell different scents from around the world through your computer. To try it, you go to their Google Nose website, click "Try Google Nose," and it pulls up random 'scents' for you to test, like the smell of 'fear' or 'garlic breath.' You click on the 'smell' button, and it tells you to get your face as close as you can to the screen while it 'transmits' the smell.

Good luck out there and watch your back today!

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