here's your participation ribbon.....

Mar 22, 2013 -- 10:23am

I was always very competitive as a child...and still am for the most part.    Whether it was little league baseball, PeeWee football, high school sports or intramurals in college.    I wanted to win.    I'm still that way in the fantasy sports leagues I'm in.    Nothing beats first place.     I was actually that way in my studies as well.    I made pretty good grades, but I always wanted to be the top of my class, but that damn Melanie kept me out of the number 1 spot.    Regardless, I always appreciated the recognition I got for getting good grades.   Face it, people fawn all over the star athletes for doing something of note.....why don't you throw the nerds a bone every once in a while.    In Ipswitch, MA that's not happening anymore.    The principal at the local middle school there decided to do away with their annual Honor's Night, because it could be devastating to a child who worked hard to get good grades, but fell a little short.      I know I'm supposed to the Liberal here, but it's this kind of PC-BS that makes me mad.    There are no participation ribbons in real life.   There are winners and losers.     People need to learn that.   If you lose, try harder next time.     It's not always easy, but then again, neither is real life.     Do you think people proudly display participation ribbons and trophies?   maybe as a child, but as they grow up, they become an embarassment and get shuffled away.        Let the Honor's kids have their night....they've earned it. 

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