Absolute Craziness!

Mar 15, 2013 -- 7:36am

Richmond and Charlotte were playing in the first round of the Atlantic 10 tournament last night, and Richmond thought they had the game wrapped up with five seconds left and a three-point lead. But when the final buzzer sounded, they had LOST by five points because the referees awarded Charlotte NINE extra free throws in the space of five seconds on the clock. After the game, Richmond coach Chris Mooney apologized for losing control while the refs were making all those crazy calls. How they got all the free throws is pretty complicated. Richmond fouled with five seconds left, to keep Charlotte from tying the game with a three-pointer. Charlotte made two free throws, and Richmond got called for another foul on the first free throw. Charlotte made the two free throws for the second foul, so then they were up by one point. And in the next 3 seconds, Richmond was called for a foul on a 3-point attempt, plus TWO technical fouls because their coach blew up at the refs. Charlotte only made four of those, but that was more than enough to put the game away. Wow!

Watch the video: http://collegebasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/14/charlotte-makes-eight-free-throws-in-final-4-7-seconds-stuns-richmond-in-a-10-tourney/

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