election day tomorrow.....

Mar 11, 2013 -- 11:40am

Tuesday is Election Day.   Okay, so maybe it hasn't garnered as much attention as the last time you went to the polls 5 months ago to choose a president, but it's Election day none the less.       Okay, so if you don't live in Horry County, you don't vote either.    But other than that, it's Election Day.     One the positive side, unlike 5 months ago, this time your vote counts!!!   (don't get me started on the Electoral College).      There are 5 candidates running for chairman of the Horry County council to fill the unexpired term of Tom Rice: Al Allen, Debbie Harwell, Mark Lazarus, Liz Gilland and Fonzie Lewis.        Your job is to pick the person you want running the council for the next year and a half.   I'm not giving endorsements here...like my word would carry that much weight...I'm just urging you to vote.    In a special election, in an off-year, with only one race on the ballot...turnout will be low.     And it's supposed to rain on top of it all.        A few votes here or there will make a difference.      Here's a few points - Even though all the candidates are Republicans, ANYONE can vote on Tuesday.      This will also be the the first election we've had where you will need to show a photo ID to be able to vote.    Since 5 people are running, I don't expect anyone to get more than 50%, so we'll most likely have a run-off on the 26th between the top 2 vote-getters.      Polls are open from 7am until 7pm, so do the deed....vote on Tuesday the 12th!

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