Congratulations! We Did It!

Mar 11, 2013 -- 10:34am

We've successfully set our clock forward one hour. It's the first day back to work on Daylight Savings Time. And you might be having trouble adjusting. I know I here's some helpful information regarding life in the future. Thanks to a listener for sharing this pop quiz with me.

1. Daylight Saving Time helps us conserve energy.

2. Daylight Saving Time was developed to help farmers.

3. Daylight Saving Time unequivocally reduces traffic deaths.

The answer to all of these? False.

So what is the point of Daylight Saving Time?

Money, money, money, money!

The Chamber of Commerce was an early supporter of extending post-workday natural light because it knew factory workers were more likely to go shopping following shift work if the sun was still shining. Later on, people were more likely to fill up the tank and head to sporting events or the mall, which to this day greatly benefits the oil industry.

Because so much extra gas is sold during Daylight Saving Time, the lobby representing convenience stores—places that sell tons of gas—are among the biggest backers of keeping the time change intact.

The golf industry also loves Daylight Saving Time because it's the one sport for which it still isn't economical to use artificial lighting to extend hours. The golf industry makes about $200 to $400 million in extra greens fees during Daylight Saving Time.

Who knew? Interesting.

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