You Can't Hear Me Now?

Mar 08, 2013 -- 8:19am

A pair of researchers from my home state of West (by God) Virginia have a radical proposal for reducing the death toll on our highways and byways; equip cars with a device that will make it impossible to send a text message, check your favorite app or dial a number while your car is in motion. I get the texting thing, but I can drive just fine while using my hands-free capability to talk on my phone. But if they make this technology mandatory, then they need to improve the technology to prevent you from being able to eat a Taco Bell Cool Ranch Dorrito Taco, put on your Cover Girl Eye Liner, and hand your kids in the back seat their Juicy Juice boxes and baggie full of Animal Crackerswhile driving as well. After all, isn't that also distracted driving as well???? Hmmmmmm...

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