"Believe in that New Year's Resolution! You can DO IT!"

Jan 24, 2013 -- 9:03am

New Years Resolutions. These three little words either excite you or depress you. It can be exciting because we are given a fresh start a new beginning. Or it can be depressing because you realize you never achieved last years resolution.Well, this year my New Years Resolution came true and Im excited to share it with you! But before I get to that let me start from the beginning. A year and a half ago I couldnt run a mile. I hated the idea of running. I avoided the treadmill like the plague. That is, until my sister-in-law challenged me to run a half-marathon with her. Wanting to form a bond with my new sister - I agreed to the challenge.My training started with me sprinting to the end of the block. That block turned into a mile, five miles, and ten miles! I couldnt believe it I was morphing intodare I say ita runner. My first half-marathon was here in Myrtle Beach in October 2011. I ran it in 2:09:58.So I made my New Years Resolution for this year to beat that time and run another half-marathon in under two hours. I shared this goal with my husband and he signed us both up for the Disney World half-marathon as birthday surprise!We made the 8 hour drive to Orlando this January (with another couple) and had a fabulous time! The race was the best part of the weekend - I literally cried when I crossed the finish line and the clock read 1:50:28! I beat my goal by 10 minutes it was the most incredible high! The Disney race in general was emotional running through the Magic Castle while trumpeters blew on their horns, and being greeted by a gospel choir on mile 13 singing my favorite hymn. The experience was truly magical. I highly recommend this race to my fellow runners.I share this to encourage you to follow through with your New Years Resolution this year. The reward at the end is so worth it no matter how large or small that resolution may be you can do it!I am already looking searching for my next race to run so feel free to send me your recommendations I would love to hear from you

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