Inching forward in SC

May 19, 2014 -- 11:47am

The SC legislature is trying to finish work on a handfull of proposals before the end of this session and summer vacation begins.     Amongst them is a trio that all have their basis in s-e-x.     I figured I'd spell the word out, because just its mention apparently puts a good portion of the state in a tizzy.

One bill would update the state's 26-year old laws on s-e-x education.    Instead of abstinence, teachers would be able to impart 'medically accurate information'...which is better than inaccurate wives tales.     One more may not want to think that your teens could be having sex, but please know, if they're not, their classmates are.    Teaching only abstinence is like the farciful 'just say no' campaign against drugs in the 80s.     Doesn't will be kids.     Teaching proper sex ed will not only help the teen pregnancy rate to continue dropping, it will also reduce STDs and abortions.        Closing your eyes and pretending it doesn't happen is pure fantasy.   Knowledge is power, but gaining this knowledge won't automatically give your kids free reign to start having'll just equip them better if/when it happens.

Another bill is aimed at teaching lesson about s-e-x abuse.     The goal is to make kids aware of the signs, so that they will feel empowered enough to report something in case it happens to them.    This looks like it will pass with no problem.     The only thing that made me wince is that the sponsor of the bill said she had to stress that this had nothiing to do with s-e-x education, but rather abuse education.     The fact that you had to stress this so it didn't cause a bunch of guys to wig out on the statehouse grounds is disturbing.

The last bit of legislation has to do with the HPV vaccine.     If you don't know, HPV is an STD that can lead to cervical cancer later in life, which can lead to death, obviously.       The new bill would educate parents about HPV and would also allow some eligible girls in 7th grade to get free HPV vaccines if they and their parents choose to.     Great...who could be against educating parents and saving the lives of young women?    Apparently a lot of people...including the Governor.       And since she's a she...and since she's the mother of a teenage girl, it's doubly disturbing.       Getting the vaccine will not turn young tweens into wanton harlots, looking for their next score, it'll just keep them safe for when they do become sexually active, somewhere down the road.        But throw logic out the window when you have brilliant people representing us like a Senator from Spartanburg who said, "'s not an airboune disease and abstinence works every time."      Sure Senator, abstinence does work every time, but again, we're talking about reality, not some fantasyland where every kid waits until marriage before having their 2.5 kids and a white picket fence.   Where 100% of marriages end in...happy marriages.       We live in the real world...check it out sometime, and bring your fellow legislators with you while you're at it.

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