What's next with Don Sterling's situation?

May 02, 2014 -- 10:21am

Don Sterling's recent situation has made me think of some important questions:

* How does the concept of Freedom of Speech relate to this case?  Are we protected in our private conversations?

* Were Sterling's comments in that phone converstaion truly racist?

* What is V. Stiviano's role in the recording and "leakage" of the audio, if any?  Motive?

* If NBA team owners vote to force the sale of the Clippers, will they be concerned about the dangerous precedence that sets for their future regarding private conversations?

* If a forced sale does occur, can the NBA determine the price of the team....even if they priced it at Under-Market Value?


What happens next in this case is going to have tremendous implications on many aspects of Corporate America.  I'm going to be watching it closely and will continue to ask questions.  I'm just wondering if I'll ever get the answers.  There will be no right answer and, in many ways, the NBA's hands are tied in the court of public opinion.  The final outcome will be quite interesting... and, by the way, I'm sure all questions will be answered.  Stay tuned!


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