America IS a sum of its parts

Mar 03, 2014 -- 12:02pm

When I was offered a job on the Grand Strand back in 1987, I looked at several different things before I said 'yes'.     I looked into the company, what kiind of radio station it was, what my responsibilities would know, all the basics about a new gig and whether or not it offered me a move up the ladder from my last job in North Carolina.   The station was kind of a pit and the pay wasn't great, but it was a move up, so my quest for mediocrity and middle management began.      Of all the things I researched before saying yes, I never once looked at the state of South Carolina to see who they voted for in previous presidential elections, who the Senators were or if it was considered a 'red' or 'blue' state...even though those terms weren't used in 1987.     I was going where the job was.     So, when I make mention about how 'red' South Carolina is and someone tells me to move to a more liberal state if I don't like it, I laugh, because my job is's not in NY or Cali.    

But my question is, why should I move?    I don't consider myself to be an Illinoisian even though I was born and raised there....or a South Carolinian even though I've been here since the late 80s.     I consider myself to be an American.     And that's where the problem starts.     I guess I have the mistaken assumption that people in Congress have everyone's best interest in mind when considering new bills, laws and legislation...not just the people who believe like they do.      Wrong.     I assume that the Congress and the President would be able to get together to  do what best for all Americans, like me, rather than petty bickering and political one-upsmanship.       Wrong again.       I'd like to think that in the 21st century, my vote for president would count the same as anyone elses, but with the antiquated electoral college still in effect, unless you live in a state that thinks like you do, you vote doesn't count.      My vote should count.    I'm an American...and having your vote count is one of our most sacred rights.     A right that I've been without since I moved here.       

So....why don't I move somewhere else?     Because my job's Myrtle South America.    But apparently being an American isn't good enough.    I guess some rights stop at the border.    The state border, that is.

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