Mistaken Identity

Feb 21, 2013 -- 12:40pm

Have you ever googled yourself?   Of course you have...we all have.       In addtion to finding yourself, you always find other interesting people with your name.    Some people are living lives you with you had, others - no so much.   I googled myself a few years back and the first hit I got was for some guys name Dave Priest who had a band...ironically called The Dave Priest Band.    He looks a few years older than me and a few inches shorter, but if you were an old High School classmate or college girlfriend and FOR SOME REASON you thought to yourself...'I wonder whatever happened to Dave Priest?"...this is what you'd come up with.  


Now, since it's been 30 years, it's very plausible that my old friends could mistake this German guy singing old 80's tunes at a European state fair-like event for me.    It's really not that much of a stretch.       He's the Dave Priest with talent.

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