makes you think....

Feb 21, 2014 -- 2:47pm

Earlier this week, I went to the memorial service of a friend and co-worker, Phil.      Phil was a great guy, smart, hard-worker, a no BS kinda guy.    Phil got cancer.    He fought as hard as any person could fight, especially against a foe that, in the end, couldn't be beat.   But he never gave up or lost faith.     He was inspirational.   

We didn't hang out after work, but I've got an unusual schedule, so honestly, I don't hang out after work with too many people.     That's my loss.      At the service, several things struck me.     First, how many people Phil geniunely touched during his life.       The sanctuary was filled (actually over-flowing) with people from all walks of life, and not just there out of a sense of being there because they have to be, but rather because they wanted to remember, mourn and celebrate his life.      That led me to the second realization...that it's possible to have a life outside this radio station.      I learned that Phil coached baseball and soccer for the last 20 years.   That he had friends outside the business, in the community and elsewhere.    That he was able to keep in touch with friends he made in college, even high school!   

I've always been a total work-aholic. Three and a half years ago I had a heart attack and almost died here at work. Alone. I don't want to die alone.      I've been in radio for 30+ years and I guess I just assume that the job consumes everyone else's free time, just like it does mine.     I guess I'm wrong.   I guess I need to do a better job in balancing work life with real life.  Like Phil did.      

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