North AND South... Not: North VS. South

Jan 20, 2014 -- 6:19am

Yeah, I'm from New York... originally.... SO WHAT?

I'm not going through my life down here in Myrtle Beach thinking about all the things I can change here and all the things that are different.

Sure, I'll notice some differences in the way things are done... and usually I am quite pleased with the fact that they are different!!!

That's why I moved here.

Please note....I moved down here which means:

I pay taxes here

I earn a paycheck here

My daughter is enrolled in a school here

My son attends college here

I shop here

I dine here

I do community service here

I attend church here

I frequent tourist attractions and shows here

Key Word:  HERE!


It's not that I don't like New York.  It's my hometown! Of course, I love it.  But, I wanted something more and DIFFERENT for myself and my kids!  I did have the beach where I used to live, but now it's closer and more beautiful.  I love living in a touristy area because the Day-Life and the Night-Life is so active.  I love the natural resources here like all the outdoor things I can do.  I do love the people I have met here... except for those nasty southerners on Craigslist's Rants and Raves that do nothing but polarize people and spew hatred.

Am I "Southernized," yet?  Nah.  Do I want to be "Southernized?"  Sure, I'm expecting to assimilate into much of the culture here but I'm not expecting to ever pass as a true local nor do I really want to.  I'm proud of where I come from.  It's what makes me ME.  It's where I grew up.   

I'm from New York.  So what?  I make comparisons sometimes.  So what?  I'm not running for public office in the attempt to shove northern ideals down the throats of residents here.  If I wanted New York to follow me down here, I would have just stayed there.   Obviously, I am searching for a new life experience so I left high taxes, fast paced stress, mediocre schools and wacky liberal politics behind on purpose.   

I'm now from the North AND the South.  Fancy that?!?

Family values are very important to me.  Giving my children the best chance at life is very important to me... as is enjoying and respecting the outdoors and social aspects of this town.  Doesn't that sound familiar?  Perhaps it sounds like the ideals of a typical southerner?  Just guessing.

The bottom line is that I am an American whose mother is from Italy and father is a second generation Brooklynite.  That's my background.  I can't help it.  It's how God made me.  You want to hate me for it.  Go 'head.  I can't help that either.  I'm not worried about that, really.  I'm just worried about being the best I can be as a mother and a citizen of this great country.  


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