Rave & Rave

Jan 18, 2014 -- 12:06am

I'm so pleased that the Hot Talk Morning Show on 99.5 FM spurs healthy debate amongst listeners regarding the issues facing the nation and our community. It's important to hear all concerns and fears of those who call this state their home. I believe that state leaders should have the ultimate say on what goes on in their home... not the federal government. Voters need to be sure to elect local officials that reflect their personal views so they can ensure their heritage, culture and moral views are represented ... The uneducated voter is dangerous to all of us. There are many moral and social issues facing the Myrtle Beach area: Homelessness, Joblessness, Adult Business Ordinances, Marriage Equality, Legalization of Marijuana, Crime, Criminal Justice System, DUIs, etc. Dialogue is good. It's how we gain a better understanding of each other's concerns. God Bless America.

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