Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Jan 14, 2014 -- 11:47am

So, you may have heard that I will be appearing in a couple of independent films.   Yes, weird, I know.  But, I must admit it was kind of flattering when Kevin Mayberry of Spartan Media Works invited me to be part of the projects. 

The first movie is a full-length feature called "THREE DAYS" in which I am playing the part of the lead's detective partner, Claire.  This movie is not shot yet but it will premier on the first night of the First Nights of Independent Film Festival on Friday, May 16th at 7 PM at the Theater of the Republic on Main Street in Conway.

The second movie I'm in is a short (approx. 20 minutes) called "THE CALLER" in which I co-star in it with MADMAX (who's a DJ from another radio station)... In reality, we compete in the mornings for ratings...  In fiction, he holds me at knifepoint.  Funny, huh?  This movie debuts on Saturday, May 17th at 7 PM in the same theater.

"THE CALLER" was shot over the weekend and it was a trip to do!  I've never been in a movie ... memorizing lines was a chore... but what fun it was!  I can't wait to see the final project.  In the movie, I am a conservative radio talk show host who has a sordid past... She goes into hiding for a couple of years only to be drawn back into the limelight in a small town.  It's there that someone from her past finds her and calls in during her show.... and she can't get him off the airwaves and she can't escape!  YIKES!  That is a nightmare!  Have you heard some of our callers????   AHHHhhhh, just kidding!  I love callers!

Tickets will cost just $10 each which will cover entrance into the festival FOR BOTH NIGHTS!  That's an awesome deal!  It's great fun to see all the independent films from local filmmakers and from around the globe.  The creativity is amazing.  It's certainly an art!

By the way, if you own a business and would like to be a sponsor of our Independent Film Festival, consider sponsoring the event for just $100.  Your logo will be seen and your business will be mentioned throughout the festival.  THERE WILL BE A RED CARPET ENTRANCE for all actors and filmmakers and a PHOTO WALL with your logo on it!  Pretty cool!   It's time that Conway gets recognized as a great place for filmmaking... just like Wilmington.  Fingers Crossed!

For more details about tickets or sponsorship, please email Kevin at or call him at 843-251-1711.   If you are interested in auditioning for a part, ask him about the next casting call.   Hey, you never know!  Maybe you will be discovered!!!

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