Duck, Duck, Goose....

Dec 26, 2013 -- 1:30pm

First of all, I actually watch Duck Dynasty.     I think it's fun and I think the family dynamic is strong and a great example for all of you who decry the lack of family values on in the Leave it to Beaver era.      The Duck Dynasty crew is rich.   They don't need a reality show...and if you watch, you know the patriach, 71-year old Phil, isn't the main character of the show and basically doesn't care if he's on the show or's not his's his son Willie's thing.     Last year, the network, A&E, came to them and told the Robertsons that they were uncomfortable with the family ending each show with a prayer.     The family told the prayer, no show.    The network caved...after all, DD is the #1 show on the network and probably the #1 show on basic cable.      Now, Phil says some uncool stuff about gays and blacks in a magazine interview and gets suspended by the network indefinitely.      He says he's just spreading the word of the Bible...and several thousand people who believe as he does have come to his defense saying he should be able to express his views and the suspension is an attack on his faith and Christians everywhere.     Here's what I think:

- 1st amendment has NOTHING to do with this.   He has the right to say anything he wants to, but when you're a representative of another entity, like A&E in this case, they also have the right to act in what they think is their best interest.    It's all about money...not 1st amendment rights.

- This is not an attack on his faith.     Even if he didn't say anything about gays in that interview, I'm sure A&E would have had something to say about his assertion that blacks where happier before the civil rights movement.   Besides, I even saw interviews with clergy...on Fox no less...that said he went to far in his condemnation of gays and should have just said he doesn't agree with it on a biblical level.      

- Also as far as faith goes...the Bible also talks about loving thy neighbor....let he who is without sin cast the first unto others....judge not, lest ye be judged.    How about that it's easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven.   Phil has more money that everyone who reads this blog, combined.       And in the same chapters that condemn homosexuality, it also says eating shellfish, like the piles of crayfish he eats, is an abomination.    

I've talked about gay issues before.    A person is born gay or straight, just like someone is born black, Asian or Hispanic.     As a society, we don't put up with people talking bad about any of those minority groups, so why should we put up with talking badly against gays and lesbians?      And even if you don't hew to the Bible verses, how about what the framers wrote 200+ years ago....about all men being created equal....and that we all are endowed with certain inalienable rights, like life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.         It seems like a lot of the people saying Phil is right on a biblical level are the same people that say the framers were incapable of saying anything wrong.      Which is it?

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