why is polygamy illegal?

Dec 18, 2013 -- 11:52am

Let me start by saying...ONE wife is plenty for me....but the question of plural marriage, or polygamy has been raised again.       A federal judge last week struck down part of Utah's law against polygamy, saying it violates the free exercise of religion.      Many people have responded to that decision with a gnashing of teeth generally reserved for discussions on global warming or the 'war on Christmas'.     Why is that?     Most people associate polygamy with Mormonism, but all major religions have it spread generously through their history.     Some of the biggest names in the Old Testament had multiple wives....Abraham, Soloman, David to name a few.     So, why is it that we as a a society have a problem with it today?       First of all, some of the sects practicing plural marriage today have been doing things that aren't quite above board, like welfare fraud and the like....but also when they force underage girls into marriages with much orlder men, it automatically turns the sentiments against them.    But what about when you're talking about consenting adults, who all believe in the same religious principles, and who all enter into a plural marriage of their own free will?       Who are we to judge whether or not the beliefs of one religion are less pious than another?      People who are pushing for polygamy to become legal are saying that through that, they will be come closer to God....the same God that a majority of this country follows.      Is it frowned upon because it's against the so-called tradional marriage of one man and one woman?     That seems to be a big part of it too, although we're seeing that definition change before our eyes as well.      Like I said, ONE wife is plenty for me....but if you think one isn't enough...who am I to judge?

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