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Dec 17, 2013 -- 7:33pm

I've had enough of these special media phrases that pit people against each other!

There is NO war on Christmas.  There are ratings wars that force networks to incite and entice people into watching their spewing hatred.  

My guess is that most people don't care if I say "MERRY CHRISTMAS."  They probably don't even care if there's a nativity scene displayed at their town hall.  I don't care if people believe in Jesus Christ or not (but I feel sad for them if they don't).  I don't care if they despise Christmas Carols.  I really don't care if they choose Atheism or anything else.  I love them no matter what.  I mean it.  

No one is stopping me from saying, "Merry Christmas."  Are they stopping you?

Do you want to know what's the problem with Christmas?... It's the Christians who spend Advent shopping and stressing and going into debt for no reason. They should be attending mass service, praying, preparing and waiting... purposefully and patiently... for the birth of the New Born King.

They should act like Christians and be more like Jesus ... Be who they are supposed to be and love one another... especially those who are difficult to love... And don't play into the hands of the media telling them that there's a war nor into the hands of the retailers that try to make them part with their money at 3 am on Thanksgiving morning.  

The only war going on is the one with ourselves... The daily struggle we all go through between what we should be doing and what we ARE doing.

It's always a good idea to take inventory now and then.  See what you are missing.

God Bless!  XOXO


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