Duet, Guns and Learning

Dec 08, 2013 -- 5:32am

Well, next week will be fun!  Dave will be away.... Just me and Pat!  Hmmmmmm the cat's away... will the mice play?  Mmmmmmaybe?!?

Dave works so hard... it's going to take both Pat and I to make up for him being out.  LOL!   This happened in early September when I was just on the job for a couple of weeks. Can you say "TERRIFIED????"   But, all turned out well because Pat is awesome so I'm not worried this time.  

We are up for the challenge!

So, yesterday I earned my CWP... I got one wrong on the written and just one shot out of 50 went out of the "kill zone."   EH, almost perfect.   Oh well.

When I heard all the others shooting at the same time as me, it sent shivers down my spine.  GUNS ARE NO JOKE!  Not that I ever thought they were... but now that I shot one, it's really unbelieveable that so many people have no problem shooting at anyone.  I'm looking forward to being able to protect my family and myself... and I promise to practice often to make sure I safely and comfortably handle the weapon.  Any suggestions on a weapon?

Let's talk about Common Core for a second.  I don't think the government should be involved in creating a curriculum for our children... especially government officials that are not trained in education. The government should not indoctrinate our children by agenda-driven literature... while tossing aside classic literature.  And I certainly don't want data-mining of my children's information into the government's database.  We all know the government is not good at doing anything in a mass effort and it is not good at protecting our personal info.  

HOWEVER, I do believe that standards should be higher but it should be a state's responsibility.  I do think that children should be held accountable... and more parents need to step up and care about their child's education.  Sometimes parents pass the buck and leave all the teaching to the schools.   I do believe that teachers should be held accountable to uphold protocol of curriculum and should be responsible in ascertaining whether or not their students are learning through standardized testing that makes sense.  Teachers should aspire to achieve certain education goals with a specific plan designed by educators on a state-level.  It's not a one-size fits all type of project.   I do believe that ESL and identified learning disabled students should be exempt from standardized testing that reflects the school's overall test results.   I also believe that any curriculum changes imposed on teachers and students should be eased into the curriculum not suddenly thrown over them like a suffocating blanket with the hopes that they will figure it out fast and find air.

We certainly need reform because there are some children that graduate with poor writing and comprehension skills. In regards to math and science, American students are also way behind their foreign counterparts... that is certainly not good!   Standards should exist.  Standards should be high.  This should be well thought out and not a shotgun start.  Otherwise it's counterproductive.  We want our children to achieve more and be successful so let the educators in each state figure out a curriculm that strives toward common national goals and standards.  These national goals and standards and the curriculum to strive for them should be developed by state educators.

I say... Common Sense.  Not Common Core.

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