Black (and blue) Friday.... Makes Us Look Really Good...... NOT!

Dec 02, 2013 -- 10:04am

So, you went shopping on Black Friday (or maybe you couldn't wait and went on Brown Thursday) and saw first hand the best of the American spirit on display ! Like people re-creating an MMA cage match in the middle of your local WalMart because someone got the last set of matching mauve bath towels. Or perhaps you were witness to one shopper being tazed by another Black Friday zombie shopper because they took the last 50 inch Samsung flat screen in the joint. Or maybe you saw two disgruntled shopaholics get into a shooting match with another over an X-Box incident. Oh, you didn't see any of those things? Lucky you. Those type of scenarios played out across our great land last week and there was plenty of video evidence to display such hideous human interaction on the media outlets worldwide. I'm sure you are as proud as I am to see such honorable displays of Americana splayed across the world's media outlets. Bravo! 

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