Philippines Disaster Should Be A Wake Up Call For The Grand Strand

Nov 12, 2013 -- 10:18am

     The ever-unfolding typhoon disaster in the Philippines should remind all of us here along the Grand Strand that our life along the ocean can DRASTICALLY change if and when Mother Nature decides she wants to wreak havoc.  So far, over 10,000 people are either dead or unaccounted for in the aftermath of what many weather experts are calling the strongest typhoon ever recorded ( with sustained winds of nearly 195 MPH ).  As we pray for and reach out to assist the survivors of this massive disaster, let's remember that we could very easily be the ones who are in their situation.  It has been quite some time since the Grand Strand has been squarely hit with a hurricane (Thank God), but when it does happen again, (and it will), we should all pay close attention to the way this all plays out in the days & weeks to come in the Philippines and learn from the process.  And, in the meantime, take a moment to thank the Good Lord that we made it through (almost) another Hurricane season without being hit.

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