Nov 06, 2013 -- 11:57am

Well, we certainly agreed a lot today, didn't we?

(Corrected) *Dave, Pat and I often have different opinions on the many topics we discuss... mostly based on our ideologies and upbringings...*

HOWEVER, we all agreed on the issues of Marriage Equality and Prayer before a public government meeting.

Why shouldn't a marriage between a same sex couple be recognized by the state?  I can't think of any reason.  Some say it erodes the moral fabric of a community and I still ask how does it do that?  Love is never immoral.  If a couple decides to committ themseves to each other and want to be allowed the privilege of certain rights that other married couples enjoy, then why not?

Prayer means different things to different people and prayer is different in every religion.  Why must we pray out loud in a public place...even if it is a genric prayer?  Is it necessary to have everyone listen to a single invocation before a meeting or would it be more beneficial to reflect quitely a few moments.   I don't need to show anyone that I am Christian by praying out loud.  It is supposed to show through my actions... and by loving my neighbor whether I like them or not.   A listener called in today and shared a great quote...  I think it was from Matthew 6:1 ...Jesus says, Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.  

Well, even though I may have disappointed many of our staunch conservatives out in WRNN listener land, I have no apology because I believe that I am following my morals closely.  I believe in what I believe because of who I am, how I was grown-up and through the teachings of my religion.  However, I do have a critical mind that likes to listen to all sides before forming my own opinion on social topics and I don't have the arrogance to believe that my way is the only way.  That only breeds hatred and divisiveness.  So, don't bother sending me hate mail.  Keep your hatred to yourself. 

God Bless America.

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