So What Does It Feel Like To Be Turning 53?....

Nov 01, 2013 -- 10:28am

..., asked someone eariler this morning. Hmmmm. What DOES it feel like to be turning 53? Well, it kinda feels like it did when I turned 52. No big whoop. Until somewhere around the 1st of June, when I noticed I was REALLY tired after being on the air, followed by DJ'ing a pool party, followed by DJ'ing a wedding reception, followed by driving home, followed by taking about 2 minutes to stand up straight when I got out of my truck. It was precisely at that moment when I realized I was definitely NOT 28 anymore. So, my guess is somewhere around the beginning of next June, I will be able to answer the question my co-worker asked me today. Until then, I will continue to think & act 23, sometimes feel like I am 83, and actually be 53 :-)

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