Happy Halloween!!! Don't Spoil it with political correctness!!!

Oct 31, 2013 -- 4:59pm

Yeah, I'm feeling witchy today!

Kids love Halloween because they get to dress up in costumes and they get lots of candy.  That's it.

We are not turning our kids into pagans.  We are not teaching them to worship the devil.  We are not teaching them about witchcraft and voodoo dolls.


I understand no costumes during school but to ban the word "Halloween", to ban the after-school parties, to legislate costumes... come on! 

It's time to get a grip on when political correctness ends and when being an American begins.  As Americans, we need to stand up for ourselves when so-called political correctness proporters force how they think on the rest of us normal folk.  

One school lost the fight when parents rose up and said "NO WAY" to school officials banning traditional, fun Halloween celebrations in their child's school.

Take a lesson from them.  It is not politically correct to allow your freedom of speech and pursuit of happiness to be stomped on.  

God Bless America.



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