Who ya gonna call?????

Oct 30, 2013 -- 1:58pm

Do you believe in ghosts? Once in a while, I dream of people that have passed on in my life... usually soon after they have passed away. And I know that my grandfather on my mother's side, John, is definitely my guardian angel... why? ... because he has come to me in a dream and told me so. Well, in any case, I don't believe that these people are haunting me ... It's quite the opposite. I believe they are trying to help me. However, there are people that believe their homes are haunted not by loved ones but by strangers who are having trouble moving on into Heaven or wherever. Who are you going to call when this happens to you? Kelly of Phasma Paranormal ... who helps you figure out who may be haunting your home or business and why. She does this as a hobby and she doesn't claim to have any special powers but rather special equipment. She help explain why the spirits are hanging around and she says it gives her a chance to help them move on. I hope to join her one day on a mission. I am cautiously skeptic about this topic but, if it is true, it will freak me out! Yeah, having a ghost answer a question that could only be heard later on an EVP recoding device is a little freaky... but Kelly says it happens all the time.

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