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Yet Another Sign Of The Impending Apocalypse.......

Oct 20, 2013 -- 6:46pm the story about 33 year old songwriter Toby Sheldon, a self-admitted sicophant of the one and only Jistin Bieber.  Just how much does this weirdo admire the Biebs, you ask?  Well, over the last 5 years, Mr. Sheldon has spent nearly $100,000 in multiple plastic surgeries, botox injections, and other various nips & tucks on his grill to look AS MUCH like his beloved Justin as possible!  One hundred grand spent to look like an over-rated, under-talented punk who cares about very little other than himself and his desires.  Hair transplants, "smile surgery" (which entailed an upper lip lift and plumping of the lower lip), and many hours spent under the knife so that Sheldon could look like a guy who is too pretty for his own good.  Jealous, you say? Me? Jealous? Yeah, I'm jealous.  I'm jealous that a pinhead like Toby Sheldon had 100 grand to throw away on something as useless and self-indulgent as that.  And you wonder what is wrong with the world today......

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